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We will be doing pre install : which is actually to fix OpenCart upload limitation during installing extensions.
Since often time our extension need to add some files on the image and or system folder: which is prohibited by default on OpenCart system.

Note: if you had installed similar ocmod/extensio to escape upload limitation before: PLEASE JUST SKIP this step.

As it might caused conflict.

Let's get started:

  1. For OC 2.x → Install: FTP Quick Fix
  2. For OC 3.x → Install: Base Theme Modification.
    -- Caution: This extension used to skip folder limitation on OpenCart.
    -- If you already had similar extension : please don't install it. And skip this step.
  3. Refresh Mods with Access: Extension → Modifications. Click the Refresh modification button in the top right corner.

After completing the steps above, you can continue the installation as usual.

NB: You can disable base theme modification after installation.

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