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Premium Ecommerce Website for Reliable Online-Bussiness!

Ultimate OpenCart E-Commerce

Perfect OpenCart E-Commerce solution at super fair price!

Powerful platform that combined with HPWD's premium extensions to create excellent shopping system.

Configured for beter sales, performance and reliability.

Dedicated, fast and assistive support will help you when you shop your online is running.

Why OpenCart?

OpenCart has proven to help hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs to start a business online them easily, quickly and reliably.

When your online business is growing rapidly and requires a more reliable system, then OpenCart can handle it too.

A very dynamic system  and developed to various specifications you need.

The OpenCart online store has become a solution for many online entrepreneurs in Indonesia. Hundreds of people have proven it with us.

Now it's your turn, …

Why Choose This OpenCart Online Store Platform?

The ultimate Ecommerce system that covers all your needs for powerful online store features complete, stable and high SEO rating

Ultimate Ecommerce System

Designed for the needs of Online Stores in Indonesia with all the features, social media integration and marketing tools you need

An online store with super complete features that cover all the needs of online stores that are operational in Indonesia. Starting from features for customers, admin, social media integration, shipping and automatic payments, much more.

Shipping & Automatic Payment Otomatis

Receive payments and send products via 16 expeditions throughout Indonesia. Even abroad.

Not only shipping in Indonesia. You can also send your products to more than 200 countries via JNE, TIKI and POS Indonesia.

Digital Marketing & Social Media Selling

Promote your products using Facebook and Google worldwide

The promotion process with Facebook ads and Google AdSense is made easier. Everyone who has been to your online store can be retargeted when you advertise.

Technical & Bussiness Support

Our marketing and technical support team will accompany your online business while it is running

Not only get complete features, but also professional consultation and free technical support that is helpful.

Super Complete Ecommerce System

Adopt the latest Ecommerce technology that make sure you are ready to compete online and make your business Good to Great

Premium Extensions

Powered by 30+ HPWD Premium Extensions
NoExtensionDemo Link
1 HP System Enhancer Detail | Demo
2HP Payment Confirmation Detail | Demo
3HP Order Tracking
Detail | Demo
4HP New Customer Discount CouponDetail | Demo
5Paypal Payment Standard
Detail | Demo
6 HP Testimonials Detail | Demo
7 HP Chat Button (Whatsapp,, Facebook Messenger) Detail | Demo
8 HP Ultimate FAQs Detail | Demo
9 HP Chat Purchase Button Detail | Demo
10Auto SEO URL Generator
11Sitemap Generator
12 HP PDF Invoice Detail | Demo
13 HP Import Export Detail | Demo
15HP Professional Email Template Detail | Demo
16 HP Admin Security Detail | Demo
17 HP Sales Notification Detail | Demo
18HP Ajax Whatsapp Checkout / HP Quick Checkout Detail | Demo 
19HP Auto Cancel Order Detail | Demo 
HP Social Login (Facebook, Google, Email, SMS)Detail | Demo
21HP Cashback Management
Detail | Demo
22HP Reseller ManagementDetail | Demo
23 HP Bulk Product Price change And Special Detail | Demo 
24HP Coupon Management Detail | Demo
25HP Dropshipper Management Detail | Demo
26HP Report & Statistics Detail | Demo
27HP Auto Backup Database
28 HP Advanced Affiliate Detail | Demo
29 HP Wallet System
Detail | Demo

OpenCart Online Store Package

Premium Online Store for Reliable Online Business


$ 99
  • NON-Hosting
  • Unlimited Product Capacity
  • Unlimited Member Database
  • 15 Premium Extensions
  • Starter Theme HPWD
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Wholesale Price Features
  • COD Features

  • 3 Months FREE Technical Support


$ 149
  • NON-Hosting
  • Unlimited Product Capacity
  • Unlimited Member Database
  • 20 Premium Extensions
  • Premium Theme HPWD
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Wholesale Price Features
  • COD Features

  • 4 Months FREE Technical Support


$ 209
  • NON-Hosting
  • Unlimited Product Capacity
  • Unlimited Member Database
  • 25 Premium Extensions
  • Premium Theme Themeforest (50 USD)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Wholesale Price Features
  • COD Features

  • 5 Months FREE Technical Support


$ 289
  • NON-Hosting
  • Unlimited Product Capacity
  • Unlimited Member Database
  • 29 Premium Extensions
  • Premium Theme Themeforest (60 USD)
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Wholesale Price Features
  • COD Features

  • 6 Months FREE Technical Support

Renewal [Optional]

Renewal Benefits

What renewal benefits for you?

  • Keep all your extensions up to date.
  • Bug fixes all possible errors in your online store and it's Free!
  • Extend the support period up to 12 months

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Best Ecommerce Development Workflows

4 steps of efficient e-commerce development

Request an Ecommerce Development offer according to the Online Store package you need. Here's the type of hosting you want to use (Hosting / Non-Hosting).

Next, we will send you the best offers and recommendations for implementing an online store according to your needs. Typically within 1×24 hours. At this stage, you can also choose recommended products/services to improve the functionality of the Online Store.

EDC stands for Ecommerce Development Checklist, which is a series of checklists that we created to speed up the online store development process. In addition to being efficient in terms of time, it is also more accurate according to your needs.

The development process until your online store is ready for use ( launch) must go through a long process. However we have created a method that speeds up this process. So you can see your online store in 2×24 hours.

This process will ensure that your online store is ready to compete and be ahead of the general online store in the long run. Because the online store that you get will be optimized and integrated with the latest reliable SEO and marketing tools.

Online Shop Consultation Now

Consult your online store needs now. Free!

.: FAQs :.

What do you get after ordering an online?

store? You will get a functional online shop system according to the package you choose. It has been installed on your hosting server, with the best configuration and ready to use.

How long does it take?

For the OpenCart website package, we guarantee your website will be live within 2×24 hours after we receive payment confirmation. For custom work, the time will match the work timeline on the invoice.

How about post-project support?

We guarantee each of your purchases for 1 year since your website is online. Which you can use for assistive technical support via the supportcenter:, consulting and getting feature upgrades for free.

Can I upgrade the online store features?

Certain. We have developed many variants of extensions that can be used to upgrade the features of your online store.

Can I use > 1 domain?

Limited license. By default the license you have for each HPWD product/service is a single domain license. For use in other domains, please order again.

Is there an operational manual?

We have provided manuals for each of our modules. And we answer all your questions about how to operate your online store. Until you get used to the system.

Can my website be edited by myself?

Certain. You can easily edit the content via the administration page. Apart from that you also edit the code for feature development if needed.

What do you get?

  1. The Premium Ecommerce Plan you want
  2. Archive your Ecommerce website.
  3. Attractive, responsive and eye catching theme.
  4. Support and warranty 6 months – 1 year (according to the website package chosen)

OpenCart Premium Online Store

OpenCart online store is a very powerful business solution for online store needs. Because the OpenCart online store is relatively easier to operate than other online shop systems. Apart from its convenience, OpenCart's online store is also known for its flexibility in its development. When you start your OpenCart online store, the system will cover all your online store needs, especially if it has been integrated with the premium modules from HP Web Design. You don't need to install it independently, either install OpenCart on localhost or on CPanel.

We provide a premium OpenCart online store system that is super reliable at very low prices, guaranteed. We have more than three years of experience in the OpenCart-based e-commerce industry. The OpenCart online store system that you receive has been setup in such a way to suit the local Indonesian target market. In addition, the OpenCart online store system is also powered by the premium HP Web Design module.

Such as shipping that supports more than 8 expeditions. Including JNE OpenCart 3 which is a courier based on king-shipping on OpenCart. Then the receipt check / order tracking feature on OpenCart. Payment confirmation features in OpenCart, Unique transfer codes, etc.

It doesn't stop there, security is also our concern. The online shop you receive is a very robust system in terms of security. It has been included with the best setup to increase security on the OpenCart online store. Likewise with SEO. All URLs on the page have SEO Friendly URLs. You have a greater chance of ranking better on Google. Dedicated and helpful support will help you when your online store is up and running. Feature development can also be done so that your OpenCart online store fits your business model. Likewise with SEO. All URLs on the page have SEO Friendly URLs. You have a greater chance of ranking better on Google.

Dedicated and helpful support will help you when your online store is up and running. Feature development can also be done so that your OpenCart online store fits your business model.

By having an OpenCart online store you have a very reliable tool. The OpenCart system combined with HPWD premium modules can be developed according to your business module. We also provide free updates for 6 months which keep your online store up to date and secure.

A mobile friendly display will expand your market reach. Because you will not lose customers who use smartphones for browsing. An attractive appearance will also make your customers feel at home in your online store. Even better, you can request for a custom online store color scheme that you ordered to match your brand / company logo.

What are you waiting for?. Create your OpenCart online store now!.