Support Policy

Support Policy Summary

  • We only provide support for the purchase of valid HP Web Design products.
  • Guaranteed reply support time of up to 24 hours on business days.
  • Support remains on weekends and holidays.
  • The official support team hours are from 07.00 - 15.00 (WIB) (GMT / UTC 7: 00).
  • For technical purposes, we may require your FTP account and online shop administration information.
  • We have properly checked our module compatibility only for certain systems which require minor tweaking with third party themes / plugins.

Premium Support

You are entitled to 6 months of Premium Support with the purchase of one of our products including themes, modules and templates. Support is considered Premium, because we provide support with a guaranteed reply time, which is a maximum of 24 hours from the time you send us a support ticket.

Free Installation

Every purchase of a premium extension (paid) on HPWD is entitled to a maximum of 1 free installation. How do I get a free installation? You only need to inform a valid admin account of your current online shop. Make sure your shop has been online before (uploaded on hosting) and can be accessed properly.

Some server conditions may incur charges as the installation process may take longer. For example, setup on a VPS with a server configuration that doesn't suit OpenCart's needs.

How Can You Get Support?

You can get Support by accessing with your username and password and submitting tickets through our online ticket support system. To guarantee short response times, use our main ticket system above. We are not responsible for unwanted emails or for longer response times.

To ensure the fastest response time and provide fast service, we recommend that you submit your URL and your online shop administration account and provide us with temporary FTP access. Once the problem is the ticketing problem is resolved by the HP Web Design staff, you should immediately deactivate the FTP account and the temporary web shop that has been provided.

Hours of Support

We will process support requests 7am - 3pm every weekday, at GMT / UTC +7: 00. Although most support issues are handled within 24 hours, in some complex cases, weekends and holidays, it can take up to 48 hours, depending on the conditions.

Premium Support General Policy

HP Web Design Premium Support provides FREE Support to all customers, who have purchased one of our products listed in point 1. Additional general OpenCart Support Questions or support related issues with third party extensions, not developed by HP Web Design which is possible, however , not included in the Premium Support package, a fee will be charged. Minor modifications and customization requests, related to our modules, themes and templates may not be charged depending on the conditions.

Custom Support & Development

Services such as complex system customization, custom extension development, and bug fixing of third party extensions not developed by HP Web Design, are considered custom development and are subject to fees. Depending on the complexity of the development, each project will be handled by a developer or a team. You will receive a project schedule along with relevant invoices for the custom development project.

Ownership of code will belong to HP Web Design who may use these resources for future development or redevelopment for sale unless an explicit agreement is made with the client. All custom development products prepared by HP Web Design have 1 month (30 days) warranty and support. For further questions regarding custom development, please contact our call center at:


Refunds will be considered if the product does not function as described on our website provided the product has been installed and checked by our support team. To further ensure customer satisfaction, it is highly recommended to provide FTP access and an online shop administration account for technical checking purposes. This way we guarantee that the product is installed properly and we can check if it is fully functional as described. If one of our products fails to meet the criteria stated in our advertisement and the condition of our Support Team has checked that this product does not work as advertised then the customer is entitled to a refund.

Access to support

You have access to technical support if you have at least one purchase with a valid, supported license. If your license has expired and you need our support, you will still have 2 times technical support before you have to renew your license.

Your access will be permanently blocked if proven to be fraud, data forgery, offensive behavior or copyright infringement.