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HP Whatsapp Bussiness IntegrationSafely and seamlessly integrate Whatsapp Business Official API with OpenCart via Send order summary, order status update and generic notification to your customer. Key FeaturesIntegrate Official Businesss WhatApp API wi..
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◈ Chat Purchase Button for OpenCartProvide Chat to purchase button for your customers on product page. You can add Whatsapp, Messenger, Line and or Telegram button Customize purchase text Premade template for Whatsapp Chat Hide default add to cart buttons much more◈ Key Benefits ..
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WhatsApp chat button allows you to talk your customers using WhatsApp.Just install this extension and add your active WhatsApp number and you are ready to go. You not need to stick around live chat system, this extension let your customers to talk over WhatsApp. You can create different departm..
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Introducing: HP Ajax Whatsapp Checkout - Checkout in 30 seconds!◈ AJAX WHATSAPP CHECKOUTAjax Whatsapp Checkout for OpenCart let your customer do checkout within 30 seconds or less with simplest possible form!. The checkout information will be saved as usual on the system in addition custome..
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