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HP Phone Registration

Installation for this extension has no different with generic OpenCart extension.

You can proceed this 3 simple steps:


1. Download and extract the extension archive

-- You can either download from this website : get logged and navigate to Downloads page.
-- Extract the file and you will find file

2. Login to your admin dashboard and Install

-- Navigate to Extension : Installer
-- Click on upload and locate the file that you just extracted.
-- Let the system upload it for you until it finished.

3. Renew All Access And Modification
-- Access: System : User : User Group
-- Edit Admin user group and select all for Access and Modify. Save.

4. Install the extension

-- Go to Extension : extension : filter for module. Click install icon next to HP Phone Registration.
-- Then Click on edit button.
-- You will be redirected to setting page.



HP Phone registration can comply with ANY SMS Gateway that support POST/GET API.

Refer to your SMS gateway provider for POST/GET API curl request.


1. Example: PRO WEB SMS Integration Setting


Type: POST

Json Content:

    "accessToken":"{access token}",
    "gateway": "{gateway}",
    "smsBeans"   :[
            "destination": "{telephone}",
            "message"    : "{message}"

Replace {access token} and {gateway} with correct value taken from pro web sms dashboard.



2. Example Integration

Take a look at the API documentation here:


Type: POST

Json Content:

  "numbers": "966xxxxxx",






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