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OpenCart Professional Services/Services for all your business needs with this powerfull platform: OpenCart!
First Class OpenCart extension customization. Suitable for those of you who have special needs for features in OpenCart. Where regular extensions can't handle it.

  • Your business needs are so UNIQUE that they require special features / modifications to run your business model.
  • You have an idea for a feature enhancement to your current OpenCart system.
  • You have to resolve modification conflicts that occur between extensions / modules that are installed on your OpenCart system. So you have to resolve incompatibility issues with your other extensions.
The examples of cases above are some cases where you need expert help to solve problems quickly and accurately without affecting the website that is online.

Our experienced OpenCart developers can make modifications according to your wishes. Simple & Fast!

Not only as an online product catalog, an Online Store must have main features and assistive features that collaborate to form a reliable Online Store building whose impact is a high sales rating.

So we designed the OpenCart Online Store with various features that allow an online store to become a sales generator. Starting from the selection of super comprehensive features, an intuitive display, responsiveness and high conversion.

With more than 7 years experience in Ecommerce Development based on OpenCart, our experienced OpenCart developers can handle all kinds of projects from small to enterprise.

By working with us, you will get a team of highly qualified professionals who are oriented towards meeting client needs and satisfaction.

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With our help upgrading OpenCart will be a very simple process.

We can update your version of OpenCart to the latest version without interruption, this way your customers can browse your website normally without any problems.

We can also help you update your theme, extension or database.

Most of the special modifications will be lost if you upgrade to OpenCart. However, this will not be the case with our service.

As a final step we will also test and fix any bugs we encounter or module conflicts that usually occur due to different module vendors. We'll take care of all this hassle and create a Flawless and Error Free OpenCart Online Store.

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Errors can appear at any time. Don't wait for mistakes to come. The losses can affect your business. Starting from losing customers to destroying the website as a whole.

With our monthly OpenCart Support, you'll have instant access to our experienced OpenCart Developers when you need them most, within 24 hours. You are one step faster for troubleshooting on the OpenCart site because in general all problems are resolved before they occur.

This monthly support also includes bug fixes, installation / settings extensions and OpenCart themes or other questions / issues that can arise when you have an OpenCart based ecommerce business.

We can help you solve even the most complex OpenCart problems quickly and efficiently!

In addition, we can perform routine maintenance (check page load, check server performance, backup database, complete error logs, periodic system checks, etc.).

Get your current free monthly OpenCart maintenance quote.


Do you want to target customers using Android users? Now you can have an Android app for your OpenCart online store.

Your online shop can have Android Apps exclusively. What you can use to capture a new customer list, offer premium membership, promos via push notifications, etc.

Who can take advantage of the OpenCart Premium Service ?

Wherever your current business position. Whether you are just starting an OpenCart online store or already have an established business, you can entrust your OpenCart services to the HPWD team. We strive to make every business from AMAZING to VERY AMAZING.


We recognize the need for Ecommerce not only to have a system that works well, but also to have a positive impact on your business. As a developer who has a full range of services for all types of OpenCart Services, we will provide the best.

  • Reliable Work Quality | Armed with more than 6 years of accompanying business owners in Indonesia and a mission to provide the best, all of our clients will receive the best products and services from HPWD.
  • Flawless Technical Support | After your web is up and running, another important thing is Technical Support. Here the team tries to assist you as best as possible while you are running the business.
  • Free Ecommerce Consultation | Having an Official Shop that is already running is sometimes not enough. Especially if you want to scale up your business. Here, you can consult your online business development.
  • Free 12 Months FREE Updates | All HPWD extensions have a minimum of 12 Months (1 year) support. For all extensions > free download updated version forever!.

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