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HP Flash Sale

Flash Sale module is a module that is used to display products that have special prices. Products with special prices will be displayed in the form of a slideshow so that it will be easier for customers to find a list of products with special prices.


Pre Install

  • Please follow pre install section here if you haven't proceed one before:
  • After completing the above steps, you can proceed with the installation as follows:

NB: You can disable base theme modification after installation.



  1. Extract the HP Flash Sale module, make sure to get a file with * format. Extraction results may vary, make sure it ends in
  2. Navigate to Extensions page → Extension Installer, then upload a file named * from the extract earlier.
  3. Access the Extension menu → modification. Then click the Refresh button at the top right, as shown in the following image.
  4. Navigate to page System → Users → User Groups → Click the Edit Button for Administrators. Click Select All in Access Permissions and Change Permissions.
  5. Access menu HP Web Design → HP Flash Sale.
  6. On the HP Flash Sale settings page there are 4 tabs, namely:
    • General Tab : General settings related to the HP Flash Sale module.
    • Products Tab : Settings related to the products you want to include in the slideshow.
    • Translation Tab : Language settings associated with the module.
    • Help tab : General information about the module.
  7. On the General Tab there are several settings:
    • Status : To enable and disable the module.
    • Products Per Page: The products you want to appear on one page.
    • Sold Threshold : Minimum product that will be notified "Near Out".
    • Images Per Carousel : Number of products to be displayed in a slideshow on desktop, tablet and mobile views in 1 slide.
    • Images in Carousel : The total number of products to be displayed in the slideshow.
    • Banner Image : Banner for Flash Sale page.
    • Background Color : Background from Flash Sale.
    • Sale Time : Sales end date.
    • Default Discount Rate : The default discount given to the product.
  8. On the Product tab there are several settings:
    In this tab there are several options for adding products that you want to include in the Flash Sale.
    • Add From Category : Add products to Flash Sale by category.
    • Add Selected Product : Add products to Flash Sale based on selected products.
    • Flash Sale Product : List of products in Flash Sale.
  9. On the Translate Tab there are several settings:
    • Heading Title : Flash Sale page title.
    • Description : Description on Flash Sale page.
    • Text time left  : Text of remaining time.
    • Meta Keyword : Meta Keyword from Flash Sale page.
    • Meta Description : Meta Description of Flash Sale page.
  10. Slideshow HP Flash Sale as below :
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