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HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCart HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCart
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HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCartThis extension will add payment fee (checkout fee) or surcharge depending on payment method selected by customer You can add fixed, percentage and or both charge : based on sub total. Compatible with any theme [guaranteed] ..
$20.99 $30.00
HP Review Management Pro OpenCart HP Review Management Pro OpenCart
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HP Review Management Pro OpenCartHP Review Management Pro will help convince potential customers to purchase products at your online store This module displays a review of each product in your online store The view of the review list and form has been updated to be nicer and improve the u..
$27.99 $40.00
Social share can contribute to another natural traffic from customers / visitors. By providing social icon share functionality + copy link functionality.Key Features: HP Social Share Links for OpenCart★  Automatically add social share links on product page and any default product list ..
$19.50 $30.00
All HP Web Design Premium Extension at really Great Value!★ Only start @ $299/Year for 60s+ our quality extensions ★ Free extension setup/updatte up to 10 extensions per month...
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Firebase Push Notification OpenCart ★ This extension will allow you to send push notification to Android user with ease ★ Push notification management added on admin backend.  ..
$79.00 $100.00
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