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HP Support Ticket Management OpenCart
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HP Support Ticket Management OpenCartSeamlessly add ticket management system on your OpenCart store Get better experience by providing support ticket for customers. Suitable for ecommerce that offer product/service and need intents support for customers. Key Features for Su..
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Google Tag Manager Integration with Google Analytic 4 for OpenCartSeamless google tag manager integration with google analytic 4 with just 3 steps.Insert Google tag manager container ID Import the premade workspace : that you can overide or merged with your current workspace Change Go..
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HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCartThis extension will add payment fee (checkout fee) or surcharge depending on payment method selected by customer You can add fixed, percentage and or both charge : based on sub total. Compatible with any theme [guaranteed] 1. Activate Payment..
$20.99 $30.00
HP Country Code Prefix Selector OpenCartThis extension will allow you to add country prefix at telephone field on ANY OpenCart page.Several handy feature added as well, such as: searchable country, limit country, patch country code for existing telephone number, and send whatsapp directly to..
$22.99 $30.00
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