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HP Bank Installment Simulation OpenCart
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HP Installment SimulationThe Bank Installment Simulation for OpenCart is a specialized module designed for the OpenCart e-commerce platform. This module allows customers to calculate bank installment estimates when they choose the option to pay in installments. With seamless integration into you..
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HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCartThis extension will add payment fee (checkout fee) or surcharge depending on payment method selected by customer You can add fixed, percentage and or both charge : based on sub total. Compatible with any theme [guaranteed] 1. Activate Payment..
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HP QR Payment OpenCartModule used to add payments using the QR Code method Can be used for local bank transfer based QR codes or crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, etc) QR Code payments can make your customers pay for their orders fasterKey FeaturesPayment QR code will be displayed on th..
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G Payment :  Is advanced Bank Transfer payment extension with Geo Location FeatureImagine you had customers from different countries. And you need to get them specific bank transfer information.Either based on zone or country.This extension will answer your expectation of dynamic ba..
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The Right Way to Automate Your OpenCart Online StoreHow can this module help speed up and systematize business processes in your online store? Learn more:The payment confirmation module for OpenCart was created to complete business processes on transactions via bank transfer to OpenCart On..
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