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HP Customer Dashboard OpenCart HP Customer Dashboard OpenCart
NEW -50 %
HP Customer Dashboard OpenCartProvides UI redesign for OpenCart’s default account page Integrated customer account management dashboard Compatible with Journal and OpenCart’s default theme HP Customer Dashboard ConceptThe main goal of this extension is to pr..
$25.00 $50.00
HP Manufacturer Inquiry Management
NEW -40 %
HP Product Video Gallery OpenCartThis extension adds video gallery feature to the default OpenCart product page Enhance the presentation of your product with this video gallery extension Add multiple videos to your product simply by attaching the Youtube URLs Concept Produc..
$25.00 $50.00
HP Support Ticket Management OpenCartSeamlessly add ticket management system on your OpenCart store Get better experience by providing support ticket for customers. Suitable for ecommerce that offer product/service and need intents support for customers. Concept Support Tic..
$29.99 $50.00
HP Country Code Prefix Selector OpenCartThis extension will allow you to add country prefix at telephone field on ANY OpenCart page.Several handy feature added as well, such as:1. Searchable country,2. Limit country prefix selection,3. Patch country code prefix for existing telep..
$20.00 $30.00
HP Youtube Product Video OpenCart HP Youtube Product Video OpenCart
-100 %
HP Product Video for OpenCartEasily add product video to every product in your online store and attract more potential buyers Could be from youtube or .mp4 file Increase customer purchasing decision rather than just displaying product images Product Video for OpenCart Conce..
$20.00 $0.00
HP Cashback ManagementHP Cashback Management is a module that will bring the cashback feature to your opencart online store. There are 3 cashback mechanisms, namely after registration, after checkout, and after the review is approved. The cashback that is successfully obtained will b..
$19.99 $30.00
F Blog : Advanced OpenCart BlogA complete solution for OpenCart blogging feature Generic features: post management, post categories, comment management, author, etc. Special features added for more customer engagement, like disqus comment, send post notification to all customers via email..
$27.99 $40.00
Smart E-Wallet System OpenCartHP Wallet System is an extension that will act as digital wallet features on your opencart online store. The digital wallet can be used to store customer's balance Balance can be user for any purchasing purpose and cashbacks to customers Customers can a..
$44.99 $60.00
Phone Based Registration OpenCart★ Efficicient phone based login/registration with OTP ★ Customer can directly login / register using their telephone number ★ Country code selection added. Can be limited into selected country only. ★ Customized special page provided for login / register form ..
$22.00 $30.00
HP Map Location OpencartModule used to add location map input to customer address Integrated with google maps which makes it easier for customers to find the address Concept HP Map LocationThe main purpose of this extension is to add Google Maps to your online store,..
$24.99 $30.00
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