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Cloudy Email Integration OpenCartCloudy Email is one of a few email marketing vendor that offer affordable email marketing service with relatively the same features.Take a look at their offers here: Add Subscriber for Registered Cust..
$19.50 $30.00
◈ HP Professional Email Template for OpenCart✪ Totally revamp conventional OpenCart email template ✪ Turn it into more beautiful and editable one. ✪ Apply to all email templates on OpenCart system ✪ Get better customer impression ✪ Email template editable for all order status and all OpenCar..
$27.99 $40.00
★  Add email verification feature for newly registered customer. ★  Avoiding spam customer by customer verification.  ..
PDF Invoice Extension OpencartAutomatically Create PDF invoice for you and your customer. Automatically attach generated PDF invoice to customer order email Customer can download generated PDF Invoice from order history list Admin can download generated PDF Invoice via sales manage..
$18.00 $30.00
◈ Social Login Facebook Google Email and PHONE (with OTP)★ This Social Login OpenCart extension will enable you to make your customer register and login faster using Facebook, Google, Email and Phone (with OTP)based registration. ★ On top of it, you will also get complete full name, valid emai..
$26.00 $33.99
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