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HP Payment/Checkout Fee OpenCartThis extension will add payment fee (checkout fee) or surcharge depending on payment method selected by customer You can add fixed, percentage and or both charge : based on sub total. Compatible with any theme [guaranteed]Concept Payment/Checkout Fee ..
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HP Cashback ManagementHP Cashback Management is a module that will bring the cashback feature to your opencart online store. There are 3 cashback mechanisms, namely after registration, after checkout, and after the review is approved. The cashback that is successfully obtained will b..
$19.99 $30.00
◈ HP Quick CheckoutHP Quick Checkout is designed to speed up the process for customers so they can focus on checkout quickly and efficiently System in this extension is the result of our exploration of the best current checkout mechanisms Improved UI/UX interface for cart, checkout and ch..
$29.99 $40.00
◈ HP New Customer DiscountGet any visitor's email address by sending them coupon code. Collect their email and make them checkout for the first time ◈ Coupon Code for New Customer / VisitorThe moment you got traffic on your site is your golden time. Use that mome..
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Practical Ways to Make it Easy to Check Bank Transfer MutationsOpenCart Unique Transfer Code module to display unique transfer code at checkout.This unique code is important to make it easier to check bank transfer transactions made by customers. Moreover, if the transaction volume is q..
$19.50 $30.00
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