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Afium has been your wholesaler in building materials since 2010. From floors, walls, bathroom and sanitary facilities for heating.

The Story

  1. In short: the development team hired us via upwork to set new standard of their online store
  2. Their development team hired OpenCart development before: but: it was not really skilled thei said
  3. They post project on upwork: and in short: they hired us after series of discussion
  4. They talked about custom advanced option that complicated, new style for website. etc

Our Solution

1. Make OCMOD modification for hardcoded modification on product option

  • Their option customization was hardcoded before: and we tackle this by took the original code back and create OCMOD modification instead
  • For many files like controllers, model and of course template.
  • So: Whenever they want to upgrade: the customization keep in place: since it helds virtually via OCMOD
2. The UI Changes
  • We answer this by using Journal theme + tailored UI/UX enhancements
  • But: not leaving their original color scheme and old images.
  • As well as for new mega menu that triggered both from horizontal and vertical category menu.


3. SEO Enhancements


google structured data

4. The Blog

afium blog