Very excellent extension The extension has many advantages And easy to use The support is excellent and very fast thank you [Ahmed Mohammed, Egypt]

It is indeed an amazing extension. Most importantly their overwhelmed support and cooperation which I have never got from anyone in this platform. Must have extension for anyone from anywhere in the world. All the best for the HP team. Thanks, [Jiban -]
HP Web Design

OpenCart Fix and Maintenance

Quickly fix your OpenCart errors and do some general maintenance on it. We will also make sure the system robustness and ...

  • Special page to confirm payment
  • Ajax based from saving - faster and better user experience
  • Upload transfer receipt
  • Manage all payment confirmation on Admin dashboard
  • Filter order that already confirm payment
  • much more, see details

Payment Confirmation for Bank Transfer OpenCart

Complete solution for managing bank transfer payment confirmation for OpenCart store!

Product Collection Wizard Opencart

  • Reseller registration using forms and social media.
  • All registered reseller data will be managed easily.
  • Resellers will get special prices to earn profits.

Reseller Registration & Management OpenCart

Sales Notification Popup Opencart

  • Login and Register using Facebook/Google Account
  • Phone verifiation with OTP added
  • Popup mode and dedicated page login/register added
  • Journal Theme compatibility

Social Media Login (Facebook, Google, Email, SMS) OpenCart

Register and login faster using Facebook, Google, Email and Phone (with OTP) based registration. Plus Email registration with verification.

Unique Transfer Code Extension Opencart

Whatsapp Chat Button OpenCart

  • Dedicated Whatsapp Purchase Button
  • Another purchase button also presented
  • Facebook, Messenger Button Added

Whatsapp Chat Purchase Button OpenCart

Allow your customers to directly buy your product using single Whatsapp Button. Tempalte directly generated and redirect to you Admin's Whatsapp

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