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Social share can contribute to another natural traffic from customers / visitors. By providing social icon share functionality + copy link functionality.Key Features: HP Social Share Links for OpenCart★  Automatically add social share links on product page and any default product list ..
$20.00 $30.00
All HP Web Design Premium Extension at really Great Value!★ Only start @ $299/Year for 60s+ our quality extensions ★ Free extension setup/updatte up to 10 extensions per month...
$199.00 $2,399.00
Firebase Push Notification OpenCart ★ This extension will allow you to send push notification to Android user with ease ★ Push notification management added on admin backend.  ..
$79.00 $100.00
HP Pro Request For Quote OpenCartConveniently allowing your customer to request for quote. Both on product page or any other layout like home page. Personal/Company can request for quote / price offer along with notes for your products. Manage all quotes and and reach them personally vi..
$27.99 $50.00
One of the best possible Chained Product Options on OpenCart World!When in comes to creating product variation the ideal thing should be: each variant can be set different price and stock.  Key Features: Chained Product Option OpenCart★ Easily create variant from 2 product option c..
$39.99 $99.00
HP Produk VideoModule that is used to add videos to every product in your online store. With this module you can use youtube videos to introduce your product to potential buyers Videos can increase buyer confidence in the products you sell rather than just displaying product imagesM..
$20.00 $30.00
HP QR Payment OpenCartModule used to add payments using the QR Code method Can be used for local bank transfer based QR codes or crypto (Bitcoin, USDT, etc) QR Code payments can make your customers pay for their orders fasterKey FeaturesPayment QR code will be displayed on th..
$19.99 $40.00
This extension will enable you to add mulitple color options for a product and add different image combination (gallery) for each option.  ..
$20.00 $25.00
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