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F Blog : Advanced OpenCart BlogA complete solution for OpenCart blogging feature Generic features: post management, post categories, comment management, author, etc. Special features added for more customer engagement, like disqus comment, send post notification to all customers via email..
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Smart E-Wallet System OpenCartHP Wallet System is an extension that will act as digital wallet features on your opencart online store. The digital wallet can be used to store customer's balance Balance can be user for any purchasing purpose and cashbacks to customers Customers can a..
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HP Advanced AffiliateMaximize your Affiliate system on your OpenCart store! This extension capable of doing improvement on default OpenCart affiliate feature. In Addition, several urgent features added, which is not provided by opencart by default. Popup Affiliate on product page [see d..
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Phone Based Registration OpenCart★ Efficicient phone based login/registration with OTP ★ Customer can directly login / register using their telephone number ★ Country code selection added. Can be limited into selected country only. ★ Customized special page provided for login / register form ..
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HP Map LocationModule used to add location map input to customer address Integrated with google maps which makes it easier for customers to find the addressKey FeaturesAdded location map input on all opencart address forms Adding a map to the customer's order if locatio..
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◈ HP Quick CheckoutHP Quick Checkout is designed to speed up the process for customers so they can focus on checkout quickly and efficiently System in this extension is the result of our exploration of the best current checkout mechanisms Improved UI/UX interface for cart, checkout and ch..
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HP Marketplace Chat System for Knowband Marketplace OpenCart 1. Main Chat Popup on the Frontend 2. Chat Management on the Backend ..
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◈ HP Professional Email Template for OpenCart✪ Totally revamp conventional OpenCart email template ✪ Turn it into more beautiful and editable one. ✪ Apply to all email templates on OpenCart system ✪ Get better customer impression ✪ Email template editable for all order status and all OpenCar..
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This bundling offer created to jump start the your OpenCart online store success.It contains combination of extensions that originally tailored for sales, customer experience and productifity.Let's have a look: 1. HP Professional Email TemplateWe are all know about defau..
$99.00 $115.00
Product Category CollectionModule used for product grouping in special collection information pages The collection information page contains features added to cart along with price information and customers can export product collections to various file formats Module Product Collection Wizard..
$24.99 $40.00
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