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Admin Folder Security OpenCart

Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart
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Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Admin Folder Security OpenCart

HP Admin Folder Security

Security is one of the things that you should really take into account when doing business online.

Because this concerns data security and the brand reputation of the online store that you make.

On the OpenCart platform this has been completed by the core OpenCart developers. However, you can make it even better and at the same time more elegant.

HP Admin Security is specifically designed to solve a security hole in OpenCart, namely the standard admin folder.

If you install a fresh OpenCart installation, you will find that this admin folder is accessible to anyone who has previously installed OpenCart.

Of course you don't want this to happen. Even though it's just for fun. However, more or less regulates the brand credibility of your online store.

If customers know that you care about safety, the customer will automatically trust your brand more.

Admin Security Module Features

How does this Admin Security module help increase the security of your OpenCart online shop?


  • This module will add a pass lock feature to access your OpenCart / admin directory.
  • And it will automatically show a 404 error to the browser if it doesn't include a passkey
  • So even if people access the admin folder, they won't see the login page.


In simple terms, this module will prevent direct access to the admin folder URL. Even though you didn't rename the admin folder.

No need to change the admin folder name

This is a common practice for OpenCart users. But did you know that this can cause errors on some premium themes? Call it So-Emarket and themes from the same vendor. Which is quite widely used by OpenCart users.

In addition, renaming the default admin folder is also relatively difficult if you have to upload extensions manually. Because the admin folder name is different.

You can avoid all of this with this HP Admin Security module.

Output Module Security

Very simple but powerful. Since the goal is to prevent access to the admin page without changing the name, the login mechanism is slightly changed: including the Admin Key in the admin URL.

Examples are as follows:

Thus, only Admin users who know the Admin Key can get the login page to the OpenCart dashboard.

And when someone else or something like that accesses without Admin Key or uses wrong Admin Key, module will show 404 page. As follows:


Simple isn't it? But it will really help reduce the security risk of your Admin page!

Easy Installation & Setup

You can install and configure it independently if you want.

Security admin module on the module list page



HP Admin Security settings page


Custom Text Instructions for Customers

You can provide custom text to customers even for the "Back to Home" button.

404 Page Theme Options

Currently we provide 4 choices of modern 404 present. You can choose according to your web theme.


  • Room
  • Month
  • Hole
  • Warm


See a preview of each one as follows.

Page 404 Admin Security OpenCart - Hole


Page 404 Admin Security OpenCart - Warm


404 Admin Security OpenCart - Space page


404 Admin Security OpenCart - Moon page

Save Adminkey

To make it easier for you to save your Passkey / Adminkey, you will receive a Passkey / Adminkey archive via email.


Admin Folder Security OpenCart
Every purchased extension is automatically included with FREE installation service.

Single Domain License


Online Documentation

Multi-lingual Support


Override Core Files


Every purchase of an OpenCart module at HPWD you automatically get:

  • Free updates forever
  • Free installation on your OpenCart website
  • Free Technical support up to 12 months

See technical support terms: Support Policy

(*) Installation might be charged for complex extension such as social media integration, API setup, etc.

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