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◈ Dropshipping / Dropshipper Registration & Management Introducing: Complete Solution for Dropshipping Management for OpenCart Online Stores! The Dropshiper module for OpenCart was created with attention to all dropshipper needs for Online Business.So that its features have also been adjusted ..
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OpenCart Maximum Order QuantityThis extension is an OCMOD file which is used to add maximum order features to a product, so that users can only order the product in the quantity specified by the admin for each order.Main FeatureOn the admin page on the product form there will be an a..
Fix Common OpenCart 3 Issue This extension is an OCMOD file which is used to fix some bugs in OpenCart, such as:Fix SEO URL bug in OpenCart 3 Hide unnecessary fields like fax, company, address 2. Fix Directory error while uploading extension: "Directory cannot be written". Added support for ..
WhatsApp chat button allows you to talk your customers using WhatsApp.Just install this extension and add your active WhatsApp number and you are ready to go. You not need to stick around live chat system, this extension let your customers to talk over WhatsApp. You can create different departm..
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HP Media Manager for OpenCart - Manage All Files and Media on your StoreThis extension will help you managing all files, file and media on you OpenCart store. It provides special page to manage, upload, download, view, delete, organize any media on your system. Along with several urgent ..
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Practical Ways to Make it Easy to Check Bank Transfer MutationsOpenCart Unique Transfer Code module to display unique transfer code at checkout.This unique code is important to make it easier to check bank transfer transactions made by customers. Moreover, if the transaction volume is q..
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How does the Sales Notification Popup module help increase your sales? This module is inspired by user behavior, that: Your prospective customers need evidence / recommendations that your product has been proven to sell and has many users We encounter this fact in the offline sales practice. Then..
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Introducing: HP Ajax Whatsapp Checkout - Checkout in 30 seconds!◈ AJAX WHATSAPP CHECKOUTAjax Whatsapp Checkout for OpenCart let your customer do checkout within 30 seconds or less with simplest possible form!. The checkout information will be saved as usual on the system in addition custome..
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OpenCart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) module was created for the needs of openCart users who need advanced settings on the FAQ page. This page, as the name implies, is used to display frequently asked questions to provide practical content for visitors. So, the content of the questions and answ..
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◈ Social Login Facebook Google Email and PHONE (with OTP)★ This Social Login OpenCart extension will enable you to make your customer register and login faster using Facebook, Google, Email and Phone (with OTP)based registration. ★ On top of it, you will also get complete full name, valid emai..
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◈ HP Reseller Registration & Management for OpenCartReseller registration using forms and social media. All registered reseller data will be managed easily. Resellers will get special prices to earn profits.◈ Key BenefitsCustomer group settings for resellers Registrati..
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HP Admin Folder SecuritySecurity is one of the things that you should really take into account when doing business online.Because this concerns data security and the brand reputation of the online store that you make.On the OpenCart platform this has been completed by the core OpenCart d..
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