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WhatsApp chat button allows you to talk your customers using WhatsApp. Just install this extension and add your active WhatsApp number and you are ready to go. You not need to stick around live chat system, this extension let your customers to talk over WhatsApp. You can create different departments and add different active WhatsApp number so users can select appropriate department. 

Introducing: Whatsapp Chat Button Module for the OpenCart Online Store!

This whatsapp chat module was created specifically to cover customer chat needs in Indonesia. Because it has become a habit of customers in Indonesia to chat first and then buy ^ _ ^. As a product / service provider, of course you must be responsive to the behavior of customers who like to chat. And the OpenCart Whatsapp Chat Button module answers this need.

◈ What Does Whatsapp Chat Button Looks Like?

It is a direct link to Whatsapp Customer Service. Text and appearance can be customized.

When the customer clicks one of the buttons, the whatsapp application on the smartphone will open and there will automatically be a text chat as follows.

chat button whatsapp to customer service
Then your Customer Service will work.

◈ Why the Whatsapp Chat Button?
Because everyone almost certainly has Whatsapp. If you provide a WhatsApp chat button, it will automatically make it easy for your customers during the order process for your product / service.

The whatsapp application is installed on all smartphones owned by your customer.


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