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 One of the biggest drawbacks of OpenCart is its poor file manager.

And it doesn't have a dedicated page for managing media such as images, videos and

documents in the online shop.

We have a solution, and it's free!

Introduce: Media Manager

Media Manager is a special page that functions as a file manager all types of images / documents in the / images folder.

Advantages over the default OpenCart file manager?

  1. You can upload image files from this page, without needing to trigger the OpenCart default file manager popup
  2. Upload images easier by copy-paste and drag-n-drop.
  3. Easier, customizable and space-saving image management.

Download Free OpenCart File Manager.

To access the media manager, please click on media, then start opening the desired file / folder

If the icon is large, there is a list view feature which makes the icons smaller and makes searching easier

Delete files / folders easily

File name doesn't match, just change the name

Moving files is easy with just drag and drop

Useful preview image

Search with various filter features that help find files

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