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HP Admin Folder Security Security is one of the things that you should really take into account when doing business online. Because this concerns data security and the brand reputation of the online store that you make. On the OpenCart platform this has been completed by the core OpenCart develop..
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HP Advanced AffiliateMaximize your Affiliate system on your OpenCart store! This extension capable of doing improvement on default OpenCart affiliate feature. In Addition, several urgent features added, which is not provided by opencart by default. Popup Affiliate on product page [see demo fo..
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Introducing: HP Ajax Whatsapp Checkout - Checkout in 30 seconds! ◈ AJAX WHATSAPP CHECKOUTAjax Whatsapp Checkout for OpenCart let your customer do checkout within 30 seconds or less with simplest possible form!. The checkout information will be saved as usual on the system in addition customer can s..
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Auto Change / Auto Cancel Order Status OpenCartThis extension will allow you to create sets of order status flow in timely based. For example order status must chnage from pending to processing order status within 2 days. If not it would be cancelled. Creating auto cancel order status or auto ..
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Quickly update price and quantity with Change Bulk Price!Hi, OpenCart Users!Do you want to make product management easier? Updating prices and quantities without having to edit individual products ?Introduce: OpenCart Products Bulk Change Price Managing many products..
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Cashbacks Management OpenCart Cashbacks Management OpenCart
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HP Cashback ManagementHP Cashback Management is a module that will bring the cashback feature to your opencart online store. There are 3 cashback mechanisms, namely after registration, after checkout, and after the review is approved. The cashback that is successfully obtained will be con..
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Cloudy Email Integration OpenCart Cloudy Email is one of a few email marketing vendor that offer affordable email marketing service with relatively the same features. Take a look at their offers here: Add Subscriber for Registered Customer Newl..
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HP Map LocationModule used to add location map input to customer address Integrated with google maps which makes it easier for customers to find the addressKey FeaturesAdded location map input on all opencart address forms Adding a map to the customer's order if location data is avai..
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One way to attract new customers is by displaying reviews from other customers who have bought our products, so that new customers can be more confident in buying. Opencart has also provided a review form on its product page by default, however, it is not uncommon for the Opencart review form to be ..
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◈ Dropshipping / Dropshipper Registration & Management Introducing: Complete Solution for Dropshipping Management for OpenCart Online Stores! The Dropshiper module for OpenCart was created with attention to all dropshipper needs for Online Business.So that its features have also been adjusted ..
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