Maximum Order Quantity OpenCart

Maximum Order Quantity OpenCart

OpenCart Maximum Order Quantity

This extension is an OCMOD file which is used to add maximum order features to a product, so that users can only order the product in the quantity specified by the admin for each order.

Main Feature

On the admin page on the product form there will be an additional field for the maximum quantity, if you don't need this field, you can fill it with 0 to remove the maximum quantity limit.

On the checkout page, if a customer fills in the quantity of a product more than the maximum quantity specified above, an error will appear and the customer cannot checkout


  • Download the Maximum Order Quantity ocmod extension file.
  • Access the Extension Installer, Extensions → Installer.
  • Upload the file from the Maximum Order Quantity extension download. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Access Extensions → Modification.
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