We know that, reseller sales is a pretty promising job. Many successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia started by becoming a reseller. Initially they sold other people's products, saw the market needs, and finally made their own products which ended up being successful.

That's a brief explanation about resellers, then is it possible to apply the reseller concept to the opencart online store? of course the answer is yes. In this article, I will share a tutorial on how to create a reseller customer account that can be used to buy goods at special reseller prices.

This is opportunities for resellers to register in our online store, sales profits can increase, because resellers can open new target markets that we could not previously reach.

1. Create a Reseller Customer Group

To create a reseller system on Opencart, we must create new Customer Groups specifically for resellers, so the system can distinguish between customers and resellers.

To create a new Customer Group, please go to the Customers Menu > Customer Groups, and please click the add button in the upper left corner.

Then a form will appear like this, please fill it according to your wishes or follow the example below. Here I will explain more about the approve new customer field because I think it is quite important, by filling in the approve new customer to the OpenCart system number, it can automatically approve the reseller registration.

This feature can make it easier, but in reality many sellers don't want all their buyers to easily become resellers because it can affect profits, usually there must be trust, agreement, or data verification first to accept new resellers.

So if you want to be safe, please select yes to approve new customers, so that if there are customers who register to become resellers, we can review them first, to decide whether to accept or reject them.

Please click save in the upper right corner to save it.

2. Opencart System Settings

After creating a new customer group, there is one more step, so the visitors can register as resellers. Please visit System > Settings. Click the Edit Button on the online store you are using.

Then on the Options tab, look for the Account section and fill in Customer Groups, make sure to check the default customer group (so that web visitors can register as regular customers), and reseller (so that web visitors can register as resellers). Please click the save button to save it.

3. Create a Reseller Account

Next I will give an example of the customer registration section as a reseller, in the form shown below there is a choice of customer groups, namely default and reseller. this option usually will not appear if we do not do step 4 before.

To become a reseller, of course, visitors must choose a reseller type customer group, and fill in other required forms, after that don't forget to check the privacy policy section and click continue to create an account.

If the registration is successful, a statement like the image below will appear, from the statement saying that the customer must wait for account activation approval from the owner of the online shop.

To respond to the new reseller registration that has been done above, the admin must visit the Customers Menu > Customer Approvals, please click the approve button to activate the reseller account.

4. Creating a Special Discount for Reseller

Next I will show you the advantages of being a reseller, which is being able to get special prices that can be arranged by the admin.

As an example of this, I will edit the data of a product, by visiting Catalog > Product and clicking the Edit button on the product list table.

Then I set the data on the discount tab, and added a discount scheme by clicking the plus button in the lower right corner, then set it as desired.

In the settings that I demonstrate below, I set only resellers to get a discount, while regular customers (default) don't get it. Then if the reseller buys 1 or more products, the price will be Rp. 500,000 while if the customer buys 5 or more then the price will be 400,000 with an initial price of Rp. 1,000,000.

After that there is a priority section where the admin can determine which discount takes precedence, and there is a start date and end date to determine the start date and when the discount ends, the admin can leave the start date and end date blank if not needed.

Please save if the determination of the discount price is as desired.

5. You Can Try Buy a Products for Resellers

I tried to login using a reseller account that had been registered and previously approved, and the result was that if I bought quantity 2, the price would be Rp. 500,000.

Then if I add the quantity to 5 then the price becomes Rp 400,000.

We have successfully created a reseller mechanism using Opencart, which means this tutorial is complete. If you are still confused by the explanation and there are parts that you don't understand, please ask in the comments.