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Introducing: HP Ajax Whatsapp Checkout - Checkout in 30 seconds!

The checkout process is the last process when a customer decides to buy.

This payment route must be "smooth" without obstacles.

As an online entrepreneur, we have to make sure that there are no stumbling blocks when customers want to make payments.

Yes, "complicated" payment processes may discourage customers from paying.

Especially if your checkout model is still like the following:


Default checkout opencart


Meanwhile, in buying and selling online there are many competitors. Customers just open a new tab, then search for the same product on Google to buy. Of course, with a fast and easy checkout process.

Basically, your customers are:


  • Frequent customers "don't want to wait". Everyone wants everything instant
  • The process is not complicated, simple, fast but clear and does not confuse the process.
  • Happy to chat, not just Checkout.


This is the reason why Ajax Whatsapp Checkout was created.

How can this Ajax Whatsapp Payment Module help you?

1. Simple Form


  •  A checkcout form is a popup that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Ajax whatsapp checkout using the checkout form in the form of a popup on the product page. Which makes customers not have to move pages or refresh pages just to checkout products.
  • The link to the payment form can be accessed from anywhere. All links lead to a shopping cart and the checkout page will become a link to a popup >> window without refreshing.
  • Absolutely not "complicated" to do the checkout process.


2. Fast without difficulty

  • Simple Payment Form.
  • Customers only need to fill out the form requested but it is complete.
  • Customers only need to fill out the form on one page.
  • All order summaries are clearly displayed.

3. Orders are still recorded on the admin page, such as the Default Order Form

  • Although the form is simplified, it does not mean that it is incomplete.
  • You will still receive a valid complete address data, such as when a customer processes an order manually 6 steps at the OpenCart default checkout.
  • With simplicity, speed and a distinct user experience when paying for products.

4. Send Order Summary to Whatsapp Admin

  • After placing an order, customers can chat directly to the Admin.
  • With a click of a button, the order summary will be available for sending as a chat to the Admin.
  • After that, your Customer Service will take care of it. So they are not "everywhere" ^ _ ^

5. Follow Up Whatsapp Customer Chat

  • Ability to follow up orders via Whatsapp.
  • Just one click, the order summary will be sent to the customer's WhatsApp.

6. High Compatibility Range

Compatible with many versions of OpenCart:
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart 3.0.x.x
  • Latest OpenCart

7. Multiple Compatibility - Multilingual, Multistore

  • Multilingual | Indonesia and English
  • Multistore | works elegantly in multistore settings
Price: $40.00 $26.00

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