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How can this Social Login Module increase the registration rate in your online shop? Previously, we had to know the problems that exist in online stores today, as follows:

1. Your Prospective Customer is "lazy" for Registration

The fact that we found in the practice of buying and selling online is the laziness of many people to fill out registration forms which are often convoluted and tend to waste time.

This has a negative impact on the enrollment rate (registration level) of your prospect. And indirectly will have an impact on decreased sales.

2. Customer Email Validation

In addition, our online shop also often experiences customer spam problems. They did not enter a valid email address.

This means that you cannot run Email Marketing with these types of subscribers.

3. OutDate

Registration with forms can be relied on, it's just that it's an old way left by many people. And it's clear that your customer is "lazy" to fill out long forms.

Meanwhile, registration via social media has become a common feature on many online shopping platforms today.

Then what about your OpenCart Online Store? Do you already have it

How to solve the problem above?

HP (Advanced) Social Login

This module is specially designed to handle old customer registration problems with simpler registration.

The HP Social Login module allows your online shop visitors to create an account and log in using popular social media accounts such as Facebook and Google.

You can get a valid Customer Name, Email data in just a few seconds.

Moreover, the email you get is a valid email. Where the email has been validated by the respective social media vendors. This will save you time on email validation as well as the perfect Email Marketing target.

For convenience and compatibility, we also include login / register via SMS and Email in this module package.

General tab setting to enable or disable the social login feature at the OpenCart online store

How Does This Module Work?

This OpenCart social login module works by displaying a login / register popup that will appear when a user clicks on the login / register link. As follows:

Log in with social media on the OpenCart online shop platform

Users can also switch from the login and register popups. As follows.

Social media registration on the OpenCart online shop platform

Then the user can easily click on the Facebook or Google registration button in the "Sign in with social media" section.

Register with a Facebook account on the OpenCart social login Module

Then the module will handle the login / registration process:

1. If the same email was registered previously >> then the module will automatically be logged in.

2. Otherwise, the module will automatically register the selected Facebook / Google accounts to the OpenCart customer database.

Facebook Login/Register

Login to Facebook OpenCart is now easier. Natively, this module allows your customers to register and login using their Facebook account.

Facebook App settings, to log in / register using Facebook

Google Login/Register

Like Facebook, login or registration with Google on OpenCart is also owned by this module.

Login using a Google account also has high interest. Because almost everyone uses Gmail. You also get login / register via Google in this social login module.

Google Project settings, to login / register using Google

Registration via SMS

Registration via SMS on OpenCart was also added as an alternative to the OpenCart Social Media Login above.

This is to meet the needs of your prospective customers who may not be active or even don't have social media.

The registration process via SMS will go through the process of verifying the OTP code sent via SMS.

SMS Gateway settings and templates, to login / register using a mobile number

Registration via Email

Email registration is an old way. However, this method is timeless and reliable.

In some cases, registration via Email can still help your customers, so we include it in this module.

Also equipped with an email verification feature when customers register via email.

Register via Email and the verification email template

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