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Product Bundle OpenCart

Product Bundle OpenCart
Product Bundle OpenCart
Product Bundle OpenCart
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Product Bundle OpenCart
Product Bundle OpenCart
Product Bundle OpenCart

OpenCart Product Bundle

  • Product Bundle will allow you to create bundling purchase for your customers with additional discount if they bought that bundle.
  • Link other products to a product, so that it can be purchased as a product bundle package
  • Can provide discount prices for each pair of products and conditions that have been determined.
  • Can increase sales, because customers will be attracted by the discounted prices given to each product bundle package

Key Features

  • Additional forms in the admin product form to add product bundle packages and discounts
  • Displays a list of product bundle packages along with discount promo text on the product page
  • Can manage or add discounts if the customer buys the specified product pair
  • Support for text translation that can support many languages

Main Settings

  • Enable or Disable all HP Product Set features
  • Customize image dimensions for product bundle packages displayed on product pages
  • Enable or Disable discount information on the product page
  • You can put discount information after any element on your website based on the given class and id, please go to the jquery selector documentation for more details

Managing Bundle Product Packages

  • There are additional fields to manage product packages, bundles and discounts on the product form on the admin page
  • You can add quantity, start date and end date, all three conditions must be met in order for customers to get a discount

Sample Display on Product Page

The following is an example of a module display on the frontend product page, there is discount information with pictures so that it is clearly visible to customers.


Product Bundle OpenCart
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