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Montly OpenCart Maintenance

Maintenance service for OpenCart Store

OpenCart website maintenance service starts at $50 per month

We've designed technical maintenance services for OpenCart-based websites so you no longer have to worry about unexpected problems . We handle your OpenCart system issues from the OpenCart core, templates and plugins based on a methodology that ensures the stability and security of the application.

Our experience and familiarity with OpenCart, allows us to not only make periodic updates, but also fix minor incidents before they become major problems, saving time and resources for our clients.

In addition, our proactive approach and oriented towards serving each of our clients in a personalized way, will enable us to suggest content optimization tasks that result in improved positioning, performance and SEO for a return on investment in the medium term.

We have strong knowledge and experience in OpenCart, and we work according to development guidelines which allows us to keep the application stable and scalable, we also have strong knowledge in web programming and development, server and domain administration, user experience, SEO, Analytics and work oriented attitude to pay attention to small details to achieve a great product.



  • Monthly maintenance hours
  • Additional hour discount
  • OpenCart core updates
  • Template updates 1
  • Extension updates 2
  • Error Fixes
  • SEO optimization
  • Speed optimization
  • Periodic backups [3]
  • Free Utility Extensions
  • Image optimization
  • Test environment - preproduction
  • Access to HP Web Design OpenCart extensions
Bronze $29

per month1

  • 3 hours
  • 5%
Gold $99

per month1

  • 10 hours
  • 15%


1. Template updates maximum once a month.If you use a premium licensed template, the client must grant access to licenses and updates. And an FTP account is required to update.

2. If one of the extensions you are using is a premium licensed plugin, the client must grant access to licenses and updates.And an FTP account is required to update.

3. Periodic automatic backups using extensions.For websites that have large databases, you may have to do manual backups >> Additional fees apply.

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