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HP Pro Request for Quote OpenCart

HP Pro Request for Quote OpenCart
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HP Pro Request For Quote

This module is used to add an offer form on the product page, so that potential customers can offer prices or provide notes for your products. This module will help you quickly get deals with buyers, so sales will increase

Main feature

  • Showing the offer button and form on the product page
  • You can enable or disable the offer button and form on each product
  • Each completed and successfully submitted offer form will be recorded in the database, and displayed on the admin page to get your further feedback.

1. Main Settings

  • You can enable and disable the Pro Request For Quote module on this page
  • We made dynamic button placement feature on product page, so you can place button in any position, how to insert HTML selector element, you can learn about selectors at
  • The default country setting will be used as the initial choice for the country code of the whatsapp number when the customer wants to fill out the offer form
  • If you want your customers to be able to offer them the price they want, please enable the "Show Target Price" setting.
  • You can choose which country code to display for the whatsapp number, by selecting it in "Available Countries"

2. Advanced Settings

  • To activate the button and offer form on a product, you need to go to the product form, the HP Pro Request for Quote module creates a new setting called "Get Quote" which you can enable and disable
  • To make it easier for you to activate HP Pro Request For Quote on all products, we provide an advanced setting, namely "Apply Quote to All Products", so you no longer need to edit products one by one.


3. Button & Form Text Translation

There are text translations for buttons and forms that support multiple languages, the language selection will adapt to the many languages installed on your opencart system

4. Home Preview

If the jquery selector settings you entered are correct, the offer button will appear on the product page.


Then when the button is clicked a popup form will appear which can be filled in by your customer and sent by clicking submit


5. Access Customer Quote Data

The data sent by the customer will be recorded, and can be accessed on the admin page by clicking the "Quote Requests" menu, you can use this data to follow up on customer offers such as contacting them via whatsapp.

HP Pro Request for Quote OpenCart
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LicenseSingle Domain License

DocumentationOnline Documentation
Multi-lingual SupportYES
Multi-store SupportYES
Override Core FilesNO

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