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OpenCart Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) module was created for the needs of openCart users who need advanced settings on the FAQ page. This page, as the name implies, is used to display frequently asked questions to provide practical content for visitors. So, the content of the questions and answers in the FAQ is the main thing.

FAQs are very important to support the information base for users.

Display Module FAQ

FAQs module display itself is made in such a way as to be user friendly for customers. The collapse and span view models save more space for customers, especially if the FAQ content is long enough. So as to avoid scrolling.

The per item point view model is also an advantage. Because customers can immediately search for information quickly.

OpenCart Version Compatibility - OpenCart Module FAQs

This FAQ module for OpenCart can be used in the following versions of OpenCart 1.5.x:

  • OpenCart 1.5.4
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart 1.5.6
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart

The following versions of OpenCart 2:

  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart 2.1.0.x
  • OpenCart
  • OpenCart 2.3.0.x

OpenCart 3

  • OpenCart 3.0.x.x

Specification Module FAQs for OpenCart

  • Easy installation. There is a graphical interface for installing an FAQ table.
  • Can add more than one FAQ category and each category can have its own item / AQ (answer - question).
  • The FAQs category is displayed on the front page as an icon and title so that it is easy to select.
  • The presentation uses an accordion that can be widened so that it saves space and does not need a lot of scrolling.
  • Does not replace native OpenCart files (VQMOD / OCMOD based)
  • Supports multimedia content. Add multimedia content to your FAQ
  • SEO Friendly URLs and Pages. Per FAQ page has been optimized according to SEO best practices and SEO Friendly URLs. The page name can be changed as needed.
  • Supports multi language content.

Front Page Preview - Module FAQ for OpenCart

Home page module FAQ

FAQs Category list on the sidebar. Clicking on each FAQ category will display a list of FAQ items.

User can select category

Displays a list of questions based on the selected category

Link to a list of FAQ categories on the Top Menu

Back Page Module FAQs for OpenCart

Management FAQs

  • Add, Edit, Delete FAQs Category
  • Quickly Enable / Disable a category FAQs by clicking on the check button.
Management category FAQs

Edit FAQ Category

  • Add multilingual FAQ content
  • Add meta keywords and meta descriptions for better SEO
  • Add multimedia content via a text editor
Edit category FAQs

DATA tab

  • Change category status enable / disable
  • Add category icon displayed on the front page
  • Add color to the categories displayed on the front page
  • Adjust the order of the categories displayed on the front page
OpenCart FAQs Category Data


  • Add the SEO URL for each FAQ category

Management item FAQs

  • Easily add unlimited FAQs Category items
  • You can add multimedia content per FAQs Category item
Add a FAQs Category item

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