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Flash sale promos are now often done by many online shops. Every time a flash sale is held, many people wait for their schedule until someone stays up late, and as the name "flash sale" suggests, when it starts it ends quickly.

Lots of articles on the internet discuss why flash sales are so popular with buyers, and one of the answers is because flash sales have a limited time, so this often affects the minds of buyers to buy them immediately, and this is also the answer why flash sales almost always show countdown time on its page to influence buyers.

As a developer of the online shop Opencart, we don't waste this flash sale trend, and in this article we want to introduce a module that is made to fulfill the concept of flash sale promotions in general, the way this module works is to take advantage of Opencart's built-in features, namely the product price special, which will be presented more neatly and attractive to buyers with the flash sale concept.

The excellent features of this OpenCart Flash Sale Module include:

  • Product promotion management on one page.
  • An attractive promotional product carousel that can adapt to various screen sizes.
  • There is a special catalog page to display product promotions.
  • Can adjust the deadline for flash sale promotions as you wish.
  • etc
Furthermore, below I will explain how the features in this module are more complete, first we start on the administrator page first and continue to the front page that will be seen by customers.

Admin Page Preview

After the installation process is complete, you will see a new HP Web Design menu on the left, please click the flash sale menu, a page will open as shown below.

I have explained every function of the buttons and fields in the image below, but if you don't understand, you should try it yourself later, because I'm sure it will be easier to understand.

Product tab

Next is the product tab, here you can add products that will be included in the flash sale promo, you can add them based on product units or by categories that contain many products at once.

The process of adding this is related to setting the flash sale rules on the general tab, namely regarding the amount of the discount and the end date. So that each product that will be added to the original price will be deducted according to the amount of discount that has been set on the general tab, as well as what happens on the end date.

If you want the discount and end date settings to be different for each product, please click the edit button on one of the products in the product list, it will be redirected to the product edit page, please open the special tab to start changing, then after that don't forget to click save. in the top corner.

Tab translation

The translation tab in this module functions to adjust the sentences and languages that will be displayed on the front page, for more details, please continue reading this article, because there is a preview of the front page after this.

Module Integration Process on Pages

After making all the necessary settings and adding a flash sale product, don't leave the admin page, because we have to determine where the flash sale module is located on which page. Please go to menu design -> layout and press the edit button on the page.

In this article I tried it on the homepage and put it at the top, make sure to select the HP flash sale module, and don't forget to click save in the top corner.

The module that we have added to the homepage layout looks like the image below, it looks really good right? The main elements displayed in the flash sale module below are the slideable carousel of flash sale products, the countdown time until the flash sale runs out, and a button to the flash sale page.

If we click the "see all" button, it will immediately be directed to the flash sale page as shown in the image below. In the preview of the front page, you can see which text can be set on the admin page as I explained on the translation tab earlier

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