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The Right Way to Automate Your OpenCart Online Store

How can this module help speed up and systematize business processes in your online store? Learn more:

The payment confirmation module for OpenCart was created to complete business processes on transactions via bank transfer to OpenCart Online Stores.

With Payment Confirmation, the customer can confirm the payment and the admin can receive notifications to continue the order process.

It has been equipped with features that are very significant in the payment confirmation validation process.

Like uploading evidence of transfer, complete customer data, Email Notification, SMS Notification, and other features that facilitate the payment confirmation process. Both the customer and Admin.

Why is this Module a Must in the OpenCart Online Store?

1. Functional Emailer Features

Like a professional online shop, you and your customer will get an email receipt if there is a payment confirmation:

  • There is a mailer system (email sender) when the customer and has confirmed payment for the Customer and Admin.
  • Both from the customer side as receipt and from the seller side as a notification to immediately process customer orders.
  • SMS Notification for Admin and Customer after payment confirmation (If activated), practically increases customer trust.
  • Also business processes can run faster with SMS Notification.

2. Build In SMS Notification

If you buy this module, you automatically get an SMS Notification feature to your customers. Which this feature is not widely owned by other payment confirmation modules.

And of course it will practically increase customer trust:

  • SMS templates can be customized as desired
  • There is an option to send SMS only to the customer or admin only.
  • Features can be disabled (if necessary)

3. Many Features to Facilitate Business Processes

It has been designed to facilitate every business process in the online store:

  • Intuitive and functional design. Submit form without refreshing, better customer experience.
  • Stock reduction and return algorithm that greatly helps the stocking process.
  • Upload proof of transfer feature. Downloadable via email and payment confirmation page.
  • Dynamically multilingual language translation settings via page settings.
  • No need to fill in the form: Customers can confirm via instant messaging: Whatsapp, Telegram, Messenger. Button appears dynamically according to the settings.
  • Custom Chat Templates payment confirmation via Whatsapp
  • Multistore support
  • Much more

4. Easy Installation, Uninstall and Setting Procedures

  • No need to high effort to setup this module.
  • Simply upload via the admin page and setup on one page with a single control panel. Can be used immediately.
  • One button uninstall procedure.

5. OCMOD Based - Keeps your OpenCart system Clean

  • No original file overwritten.
  • File modification is done via OCMOD (virtual modification) which will keep your OpenCart file system clean and remain compatible with various other modules.

6. High Compatibility Range

  • Compatibility guarantee. Compatible with Premium Themes.
  • Compatibility guarantee. Compatible with many versions of OpenCart.

                OpenCart 1.5.4 -








                OpenCart 3.0.x.x

                Latest OpenCart

7. Multi Compatibility - Multilingual Support, Multistore Support

opencart multistore shipping module

  • Multilingual | Indonesian and English
  • Multistore | works elegantly in multistore settings

8. Free Installation, Free Update, Assistant Technical Support

Focus only on your business. Sophisticated modules that match the features you want are certainly not enough. It might take up your time if you install it yourself, so:

To purchase each module item in HPWD, free installation to your OpenCart website via the Support Team!

If you buy this Payment Confirmation Module, Automatic Include:

  • Fingsional modules that you need
  • Free Installation on your OpenCart website
  • Free technical support, warranty and free updates for up to 6 months

9. Money Back Guarantee

  • Risk Free: Not satisfied with the item you bought? 30 day money back guarantee!

OpenCart Payment Confirmation Preview

If you buy this payment confirmation module, you will see features as shown in the following preview.

Payment Confirmation Form Home Page

The payment confirmation module form for Opencart on the front page can be seen in the following figure.

While on the front page a form that is responsive and interactive as follows.

  • Text Payment confirmation instructions can be changed as desired
  • Payment confirmation feature via social media: Whatsapp | FB Messenger | Telegram | SMS
  • WA and SMS templates can be replaced.

                    the front page of the payment confirmation module

Payment confirmation via Whatsapp

Payment confirmation via Whatsapp

Display Mobile Payment Confirmation

Responsive mobile display. And if you activate payment confirmation via SMS, it will appear when accessed via a smartphone.

mobile display module confirmation of payment Confirmation via Social Media

After confirmation of payment, the customer immediately receives an email confirmation that the customer has confirmed payment. The admin also receives an email that a payment confirmation has been made. As follows.

Email Receipt after payment confirmation

Access the special menu on the Administration page.

Payment confirmation settings menu

Payment confirmation settings menu

Alternative access to the payment confirmation module settings page. Extension → Extension. Filters for Modules.

Payment confirmation settings page

Procedure for Installing the Payment Confirmation table

If no table is installed, this page will appear. Click install database to install the required module table.

Instalasi database Konfirmasi Pembayaran Opencart

Install the Opencart Payment Confirmation database

Payment Confirmation Module Settings

The settings are on one page only.

General tab - Setting various superior and functional features

This payment confirmation mudule has been designed with many features. All the features you need are available and can be setup on this page.

  • Settings so that customers log in before confirming payment
  • Requires upload of proof of transfer
  • Order status after confirmation of payment (listed in order history)
  • Subtract stock algorithm:
On the default OpenCart system the product stock is reduced after order. You can set the product stock to only decrease when the customer has confirmed payment. Smart!

  • Settings to display a link to the payment confirmation page on the top menu.
  • Is it used in multistore ?. YES, the module will adjust its features.
  • Settings so that orders using the COD payment method cannot confirm payment.
  • Instant Payment Confirmation, helps customers to confirm payments via instant messaging and social media. Like Whatsapp, Telegram, FB Messenger and SMS.

Payment confirmation settings page

Tab Translation - Multilingual dynamic text translation settings

Dynamic text translation settings for multilingual. You can personalize messages to customers in various languages installed on your website. page-setting-translation-confirmation-payment

Translation settings page-payment confirmation

Account Tab - Add a Bank Account
Add your bank account to display on the transfer bank to the payment confirmation form.

Account tab - payment confirmation settings

SMS tab - Integration

You can easily increase customer trust with SMS Gateway integration.

  • Customers receive receipt of payment confirmation via SMS to their mobile number
  • Admin receives receipt via SMS if there is a customer who has confirmed the payment

SMS Payment confirmation notification

Advance Tab - Uninstall Procedure
We prepared a very easy uninstall procedure, just in case you need it. Single click to restore your system to normal.

Advanced tab - payment confirmation settings

Help tab - Get Support

We have tried our best to engineer this module. Only if there is something unexpected, you can always contact us.

Help tab - support payment confirmation

Payment confirmation list

Access this page via the Sale → Payment Confirmation / Sales → Payment Confirmation sub menu.

  • Filter for store and order status as needed
  • There are many column headings that can be sorted as needed
  • Proof of customer transfer that can be downloaded

Customer payment confirmation list

Edit Order Status Form

Each payment confirmation can be viewed, edited or added the following information:

In the General Tab:

  • See confirmation details. Such as order number, email, etc.
  • Download proof of transfer (if uploaded by the customer)
  • Added shipping receipts for related orders. This information can then be seen on the tracking page: HP Order Tracking.

On the History Tab:

  • Edit Order Status
  • Adding order history in the form of changing order status, comments, and sending e-mail changes to order status (such as in the edit order form).

Detailed payment confirmation information and shipping receipt updates

Home Menu

On the front page the payment confirmation menu will be on the top menu row if you use the default template. Or tempalte customization that still maintains the top menu. This menu provides access to the payment confirmation form.

Login to confirm payment

Try the OpenCart Payment Confirmation Module Demo

Check Performance Confirmation Payment Module:

demo front page payment confirmation demo admin page payment confirmation

demo halaman depan konfirmasi pembayaran demo halaman admin konfirmasi pembayaran

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