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HP Country Code Prefix Selector OpenCartThis extension will allow you to add country prefix at telephone field on ANY OpenCart page.Several handy feature added as well, such as:1. Searchable country,2. Limit country prefix selection,3. Patch country code prefix for existing telep..
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HP Delivery PartnerAdding a delivery partner feature to the opencart system, a delivery partner is the person in charge of delivering ordered goods to customers You can assign a registered delivery partner for each incoming order There is a dedicated page for delivery partners on the fr..
$24.99 $50.00
This bundling offer created to jump start the your OpenCart online store success.It contains combination of extensions that originally tailored for sales, customer experience and productifity.Let's have a look: 1. HP Professional Email TemplateWe are all know about defau..
$99.00 $115.00
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