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10 Nov Tutorial 21 - How OpenCart Special and Discount Prices Works?
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We will share about how to use Special and Discount for products on OpenCart. Sellers often have to lower prices to compete with competitors or simply provide incentives for customers, so that customers are attracted to buy more products. This is whe..
03 Nov Tutorial 20: How OpenCart
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We will share how to use the coupon feature in OpenCart. With coupons, customers can buy products with discounts and special prices that you manage. WE will explain how coupons work on OpenCart through an example of a discount creation case. You can ..
15 Oct Tutorial 19: Edit OpenCart interface using Language Editor
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Opencart 3 provides new features that did not exist in previous versions of Opencart, one of the main and newest features is the availability of the Language Editor feature.With the Language Editor, any language installed in opencart can be modified ..
07 Feb Tutorial 18: How to Setting Google reCaptcha on OpenCart
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On the opencart website apart from products and content, security is one aspect that you must also pay attention to, You definitely don't want the website that is your source of income to suddenly get an error and can't be visited probably be..
03 Dec Complete FREE OpenCart Tutorial (PDF)
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Complete: Indonesian OpenCart Tutorial (PDF)You can find a complete PDF version of the this OpenCart tutorial series. We have released a series of OpenCart tutorial articles that you can use as a reference for OpenCart Online Store operations and e..
29 Nov Tutorial 15: How to Add Live Chat on OpenCart
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In this article I want to share information on how to add/install live chat on OpenCart, but before continuing with the tutorial, it's a good idea to know what is? is a live chat provider platform that allows website visitors ..
29 Nov Tutorial 14: How to Setting Google SMTP for OpenCart Email System
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Google SMTP OpenCart could be the best FREE SMTP mail sender for any site. Including your OpenCart site. Today we will try to take a look at how exactly to setup Google SMTP on your OpenCart online store.The email feature on opencart includes feature..
29 Nov Tutorial 13: How to Change OpenCart Templates
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Changing the theme of OpenCart templates is generally very easy. It just takes a little effort and knowledge to do it,The proper template term on the OpenCart platform is theme → theme. So it is more appropriate if we say we change the OpenCa..
29 Nov Tutorial 12 - How to Create a Reseller System on OpenCart
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We know that, reseller sales is a pretty promising job. Many successful entrepreneurs in Indonesia started by becoming a reseller. Initially they sold other people's products, saw the market needs, and finally made their own products which ended up b..
29 Nov Tutorial 11 - How Opencart Marketing and Affiliate Works
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We will share about How to use the Marketing and Affiliate features on Opencart. One of the benefits of this feature is that it can increase sales. Okay, I will explain How Marketing Works in Opencart.You can access Marketing → Marketing.First, you..
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